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18 years as a real estate professional usually tells most people enough about a person. With me, that is just a professional fact. My real estate education started over 40 years ago. You see my grandparents were a husband-and-wife team beginning in the 70’s so from a very young age I was exposed to the excitement and glamour! At least that’s how it felt as a girl watching them dress their best and talk about this deal and that client.
I knew then that I wanted to do what Grandma and Grandpa did. After becoming licensed I found that the real excitement came from helping others reach their dreams of homeownership or facilitating someone’s business dreams. Many of the relationships I have built over the years have become much more than just business, I have friends now who were customers at one time.
These relationships were formed because I am honest with everyone, you may not always want to hear the truth, but it’s the most important aspect of doing my best to represent your interests. Obviously, integrity goes along with honesty, and I was taught my whole life to have integrity above all. I mention these things about myself only because it all leads to having compassion for the people I represent.
Whether you are a first-time home buyer or purchasing your 20th investment property, compassion for you and whatever your personal situation may be is key to our success in getting you what you want and need. Compassion for the people in our community, compassion for my coworkers, compassion for the visitors to our beaches. Really caring about where we live and what the area offers us is my driving force in being a real estate professional.
Whether you just love the beach, or fishing, or a casual and laid-back lifestyle golfing and cocktailing, or maybe an avid outdoors person who lives in the woods as much as possible you can have any or all of it here! That’s why I live here, and this is why I can help any person who chooses to live here also, we will have chosen the same area for the same reasons and who can better represent you than someone who understands exactly what you want.

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Our main goal is to create a relationship with our customers and to ensure they have all the information before making the biggest purchase that one can make. We will be honest and real with our customers!

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